Vines can provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to covering unwanted views in your landscape and can provide privacy screens along open fences. You can use vines to creatively cover items such as battered fence, arbors and trellaces. Using vines in hanging baskets can provide a refreshing look to porches and sun rooms. Many Texas native vines also provide necessary food for local wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies. Stop by and see our various vine assortments. We have natives such as Passion Vines and Honeysuckle or ornamentals such as trumpet and clematis vines. Other vines we carry include Carolina Jessamine, Crossvine, Boston Ivy, Wisteria, Virginia Winter Creeper, Morning Glory, Confederate Jasmine, Alamo Vine, Mexican Flame Vine, Cypress Vine and many more. Obelisks and a variety of trellises are also available in our garden accessory center. (Call for availability)​


Rosemary – Thyme – Basil – Oregano – Lavender – Parsley – Mints
Comfrey – Tarragon – Bay Laurel – Dill – Rue – Fennel – Lemon Grass – Citronella – Artemesia – Trailing Rosemary – Culinary Sage – Chives – Mexican Mint Marigold – Copper Canyon Daisy – Eucalyptus – Catnip – Catmint and many more. (Call for availability)

Whatever your herbal needs, we can satisfy them. We even carry some native Texas herbs such as oreganillo and chile pequin. Spruce up your favorite recipes with fresh herbs by choosing from our springtime herb selection.


Are you looking for a little island paradise in your backyard? We can help with our assortments of tropical plants including Hibiscus, Banana Trees, Plumbago, Russelia, Elephant Ears, Firebush, Esperanza, Croton, Cordyline,  and many more. (Check for availability, some of these are seasonal)

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