What is a perennial? In simple terms, it is a plant or root system that lives through at least three growing seasons. Perennials can offer an easy solution to landscaping; once planted they will continue to grow and flower year after year. At Stuart Nursery, you can choose from a wide selection of perennial grasses, shrubs, bedding plants and more. Some of our more popular perennials include Black-eyed Susan, Butterfly Bush, Calylophus, Purple Coneflower, Oxeye Daisy, Guara, Texas Lantana, Artemisia, Texas Aster, Coreopsis, Canna, Cherry Sage, Winecups and many more.

What is an annual? Plants that complete the cycle from seed to maturity to death in one growing season are considered annuals. These plants are favorable when change in a landscape is desirable. For instance, you can use annuals to change the dominant colors in your landscape from season to season. Stuart Nursery carries a vast selection of seasonal annuals to choose from. Our most popular annuals range from violas in the fall and winter to zinnias and petunias in the summer.

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