Fall is an Ideal Time to Plant Trees

Posted - November 4, 2019

Planting trees from October through February allows them to get their root system established before the spring growing season and the heat of the summer.

When it’s time to plant trees keep in mind some of the benefits that trees offer homeowners:

  • Shade for your house, trees can reduce temperatures significantly
  • Enhance the appearance of your house and neighborhood
  • A screen can be created with trees to block unsightly views
  • Trees are essential for wildlife, providing food, shelter, and protection
  • Trees help to reduce pollution

Some of my favorite trees:

  • Live Oak – 50′ x 60′, evergreen, native to most areas of Texas
  • Shumard Red Oak – 60′ x 50′, beautiful fall colors
  • Bur Oak – 60′ x 60′, large acorns, majestic tree!
  • Cedar Elm – 60′ x 40′ – upright growing tree, tolerant of a variety of soils, drought tolerant
  • Texas Ash  – 30′ x 20′, a good tree for smaller yards, excellent fall color, drought tolerant, grows on poor soils
  • Texas Redbud – another smaller tree 25′ x25′, rosy-pink spring blooms, Oklahoma Redbuds have a darker pink bloom, will tolerate light shade
Texas Redbud

When it’s time to plant trees, don’t forget about fruit and nut trees! Nothing better than a fresh picked Parker County Peach!

Peach Tree

The state tree, Pecan, makes a great shade tree too.

Here is a good source for more info about tree planting!

Fall Ideal for Planting Trees and Shrubs

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