Drought Tolerant Plants

So thankful for the rain we got recently. My plants were really getting thirsty! I don’t water my landscape much. I’ve tried to plant mostly drought-tolerant plants in my yard. Most all of them have survived the drought this summer.

Here are some of the drought tolerant plants that have made it in my landscape with no extra watering, just what little rain that we had this summer.

Texas Sage  – (pictured above) A shrub for full sun and well-drained soil. Nice purple flowers!

Rough Leaf Dogwood – These are very versatile shrubs, they grow in sun to shade, soil preference from dry to seasonal poor drainage. Useful for erosion control and as a screen under trees. Many species of birds feed on the white berries that ripen in the fall.

Mexican Oregano – I’ve grown this plant for years. I didn’t water it at all this year and it has suffered, but it is still alive! Covered with lavender-colored flowers all season, the hummingbirds love this plant. The leaves are edible, and the plant is also deer resistant.

Agave – Of course, there are quite a few varieties of agaves that do well here. One of my favorites is the Whales Tongue Agave. They really make a statement in the landscape and there is no need for supplemental watering.

Agave - Drought tolerant plants

Possum Haw Holly – A very versatile small tree, it will take full sun to dappled shade. The female trees will have bright red berries that stay on the tree from fall to early spring, (until the Cedar Waxwings arrive!)

Possum Haw Holly
Possum Haw Holly

Autumn Sage ( Salvia greggii) –  A  shrubby perennial that blooms from spring to fall. It takes full sun to partial shade. These salvias are very drought-tolerant but bloom much better with occasional watering. Hummingbirds and butterflies both like this plant.

Autumn Sage ( Salvia greggii)
Autumn Sage ( Salvia greggii)

All of these plants that I’ve mentioned are well established in my landscape. Anything newly planted in the landscape will need supplemental watering the first couple of years at least.

Well, I hope we get nice rains this fall and winter and average temperatures!

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